Panel discussion "Military Perspectives of Winning a War Without Fighting"

In a world riddled with numerous geopolitical hotspots, NATO stands as a beacon of peace, stability, and democracy. Despite its strength, the Alliance faces unprecedented challenges at its very borders. “Wild forest fires” of conflict and turmoil are erupting perilously close, with adversaries not only threatening NATO nations but also engaging in sophisticated information influence operations. The specter of hybrid warfare looms, raising credible concerns. The West, though formidable, confronts a critical urgency in addressing the balance of power. This issue should not just be a priority but the paramount concern for Western governments.

Military dimension is undeniably a key factor in this equation. However, the lack of readiness to deploy such capabilities in a timely manner could have catastrophic consequences. Our adversaries are acutely aware of this vulnerability and are exploiting it. Through layered strategic communications, they aim to fracture and manipulate Western societies. In this precarious landscape, the role of strategic communications, especially from a military perspective, becomes vital. How can strategic communications be effectively used unifying the West and deterring adversaries? What steps should be taken ensuring that our military readiness is not just a show of force but a credible deterrent?

13:30 - 14:30