Panel discussion "Artificial Intelligence: Navigating Through Technological, Legal, and Cognitive Frontiers"

The prevalence of synthetic content heralds a new era where authentic and computer-generated realities converge, blurring traditional boundaries. This development necessitates an immediate and deep reflection on its significant as well as irreversible impact on societies. Technology plays a dual role, serving as a catalyst for progress while also posing risks of confusion and disorder. The duality raises principal question: What must be done? Are humans fighting against or working together with technologies? How to maintain societal coherence while allowing technological advancement to propel us towards a better future? How is AI affecting human cognition and decision-making processes? Are there risks of over-reliance on AI in critical thinking and problem – solving? How can we develop and enforce global standards for AI development and deployment ensuring their alignment to ethical standards and societal values? What role does AI play in shaping our perception of reality?

10:30 - 12:00