Panel discussion "Protecting the Centers of Gravity of Democracies"

Electoral systems stand as a fundamental instrument of democracies, epitomizing the freedoms of the world and society. Yet, these systems face many challenges – from attempts of discreditation to external subversions by adversaries, from apathy and low levels of participation to use of instruments of power to influence election results. How robust are our electoral systems today? Are we witnessing internal corrosion and external obstruction?

The landscape of electoral processes has evolved significantly over the past decade. The rise of social media platforms and the influence by using artificial intelligence capabilities are reshaping public opinions and preferences. This shift begs further inquiry: To what extent are these new-age tools shaping or manipulating the democratic process? How do we maintain the integrity of our electoral systems in this new digital era continuously ensuring free and fair elections? And, how can we better reach out to populations ensuring that message is delivered?

16:30 - 17:30