Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Updated: 7 April, 2021


1. Description of the event:

1.1. NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, address: 11B Kalnciema Street, Rīga, LV-1048, Latvia (hereinafter – „Organiser”) organises the event, Riga StratCom Dialogue, to be held on 6-7 May, 2021 online (hereinafter – „Event”). For the purpose of the Event, the Organiser has made available an internet-based platform cvent.com (hereinafter – “Platform”), a registration form (hereinafter – “Registration Form”).The Event will take place online and will be available only for registered attendees via www.rigastratcomdialogue.org; Information regarding the Event access will be provided not latter then 24 hours before the Event. The www.rigastratcomdialogue.org in itself will incorporate not only the opportunity to access the live-streamed session, opportunity to chat with other participants and submit questions to panellists, but as well an opportunity to be contacted by other participants (if such option chosen during the registration process).
The Organiser retains rights to stream the Event and its parts to its social network accounts, such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn without giving any notice to the Participant.

1.2. These rules for the Event (hereinafter – “Rules”) are be binding to all persons who have registered for the Event via completing the Registration Form (hereinafter – “Participant”). These Rules are constitute an agreement between the Participant and the Organiser. Where the Participant does not agree to the Rules, the Participant is prohibited from registering for the Event. The Organiser is entitled to amend and supplement the Rules. Such changes will take effect after having been communicated to the Participant using his/her e-mail address specified on the Registration Form.


2. Rights and obligations of the Participant:

2.1. The Participant, when registering for the Event, is responsible for keeping his/her Registration Form secure and not to disclose information on the Registration Form to third parties (in particular, the username and password).

2.2. The Participant shall be eligible to register for the Event only once.

2.3. The Participant hereby confirms that all the information (including but not limited to personal data, texts, files, intellectual property online postings contents and materials) entered on the Registration Form is lawful, true, accurate, up-to-date and complete, and if necessary, the Participant undertakes to promptly update such information in order to keep it true and accurate.

2.4. The Participant is prohibited from entering and/or posting on the Registration Form/chat platform available on www.rigastratcomdialogue.org any information and online postings that are deemed offensive, threatening, slanderous, discriminating, pornographic, blasphemous, contain commercial secrets or are unlawful in other respects.

2.5. The Participant may not use the Registration Form and/or Platform for any goals that are unlawful or prohibited in other aspects. In addition to complying with the Rules, the Participant undertakes to comply with the Rules for using the Platform (available at www.rigastratcomdialogue.org/terms-conditions), as well as all the laws and regulations binding on it, as well as to be guided by the generally accepted principles of virtue, ethics and morality.

2.6. The Participant may not interfere or tamper with the functioning of the Registration Form and/or the Platform, and/or servers and/or networks pertinent to the Registration Form and/or the Platform.

2.7.  The Participant is prohibited from recording or streaming the Event without the written consent of the Organizer.


3. Rights and obligations of the Organiser:

3.1. The Organiser undertakes, if need, to supply the Participant with information about the Event. Information will be sent via [email protected]

3.2. The Organisers do not accept responsibility for the behavior of any attendee or outside entity during the event.

3.3. The Organiser is entitled to suspend Participant’s access to Platform and acceptance to the event if Participant does not comply with these Rules. In such case the Organiser will immediately inform respective Participant via his/her e-mail address specified on the Registration Form.