Speaker BIO

Tanna M. Krewson, M.A., PhD (ABD) candidate, is a seasoned, senior-level cognitive security subject matter expert, researcher, and sociocultural psychologist specializing in cognitive warfare, information and psychological operations, and the impact of narratives and group identity on conflict, violence, and decision-making.Having accumulated expertise through work with several international NGOs, universities, private sector companies, and the U.S. Army, Krewson has managed programming across multiple countries and governments, with a particular focus on post-conflict regions in Africa. She was recently invited to work with the Japanese Ministry of Defense on their approach to the information environment. Her other efforts have included developing and leading research on effective justice, the impact of economic initiatives on refugees, national identity, and social norms change. Currently, Krewson is making significant contributions to the growing field of cognitive security, leading the development and drafting of NATO’s Cognitive Warfare Concept and validation exercise. Krewson has also provided specialized training for Allied special forces on the importance of understanding human factors and the role of cognition, emotions, and perception on behavior. She has been invited to guest lecture at Nova Southeastern University, Tulane University, and Syracuse University and recently served on the board of directors for the Peace and Justice Studies Association. Academically, Krewson holds degrees in cognitive psychology (B.A.) and peace studies (M.A.) and is currently completing a Ph.D. (ABD) in global conflict analysis and resolution. Her doctoral research explores the impact of emerging and disruptive technologies on Ukrainian women’s participation in governance during the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War.