Speaker BIO

Ross Burley is Co-Founder and Executive of the Centre for Information Resilience, an independent non-profit that counters disinformation, exposes human rights abuses and combats online behaviour harmful to women and minorities.

Ross has over 18 years’ experience in national security-focused strategic communications and international relations. A former British civil servant, Ross served in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London, Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv. He was a foreign policy advisor to the former UK deputy Prime Minister, Sir David Lidington, leading on nuclear proliferation, international counter terrorism, human rights, and Latin America. He also worked for several years in the private sector for leading British strategic communications firms. From 2017 to 2020, Ross designed, implemented, and led several of the UK Government’s counter disinformation programmes, including the Open Information Partnership. Ross remains part of the UK Government’s Stabilisation Unit, as a Civilian Deployable Expert in strategic communications.

Ross has been published in the Washington Post, The Telegraph, International
Business Times and Vice News. He holds a BA (Hons) and MSc in Anthropology from
Oxford University, where he specialized in the intersection of counter insurgency and
ethnography in Northern Ireland.