Speaker BIO

Justin Arenstein is founding CEO and Chief Strategist at the Africa's largest civic technology/open data initiative, Code for Africa. CfA has full-time staff/labs in 26 African countries, where it helps frontline human rights defenders leverage digital democracy tools or data. This includes operating the continent's largest forensic analysis team tracking FIMI (foreign information manipulation and interference) at the iLAB, plus Africa's largest fact-checking initiative, PesaCheck (with researchers in 16 countries), and an investigative AI/machine learning lab that tackles hate speech and other toxic content at CivicSignal. CfA has also partnered with Google and the advertising industry to test ways to demonetise disinformation profiteers, through TrustList. Prior to founding CfA, Justin was an award-winning investigative data journalist whose work helped put crooked politicians and mafioso in jail on three continents. In addition to leading CfA, Justin currently serves on the Code for All governing board, the World Bank/IMF’s Data to Development advisory board, the Partnership for AI’s standards’ steering committee, and FT Strategies’ Next Generation News advisory board, amongst others.