Speaker BIO

In 2020 Juris Poikāns was appointed as Ambassador of Latvia for Poland. His impressive career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs began more than 25 years ago. Prior to his current posting, Mr Poikāns served as ambassador to Ukraine (2015-2020) and Slovenia (2008-2010), non-resident ambassador to Moldova (2014-2016), Kosovo (2009-2010), and Bosnia and Herzegovina (2009-2010), and as Counsellor in Latvia’s embassy in the Washington, D.C. (2010-2011) and Minsk (2006). In Riga, he also served as Ambassador at Large of the Policy Planning Group (2013-2015) and Director of several departments in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ambassador Poikāns holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a master’s degree in Social Science from the University of Latvia.