Speaker BIO

Hadley Newman is Director of the Strategic Communications Research Institute, the company he established in 2021 to deliver interdisciplinary research and independent analysis of communications issues with domestic and foreign policy implications. SCRI provides reliable and practical insights that bridge science and policy, delivering impactful results for NATO organizations and member countries. Through SCRI, Hadley co-authored the inaugural research report on national structures, methods and common practices in NATO Military Public Affairs. Previously the strategic communication lead for the G20, Hadley is an accomplished strategic communications professional with extensive experience working across a broad range of policy areas for public and multilateral organisations. He has extensive international experience in capacity building and leading multidisciplinary teams within culturally diverse environments across Europe and the Middle East. Hadley is a distinguished published author on foreign information manipulation and interference, and his work on counter-disinformation has been published in the academic peer-reviewed Journal of Information Warfare. Additionally, he has written several evidence papers on disinformation and communication governance for the UK Parliament. He served as advisor to the European Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) for Counter-Disinformation during the 2023 Polish General Election, and chairs the Strategic Advisory Board of the DISARM Foundation. Drawing on his early work on the automation of weaponised communication, Hadley previously served as a Task Force Member of the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence for three years. Hadley’s PhD research explored foreign information manipulation, specifically the assessment of state-sponsored disinformation campaigns. His research theoretically conceptualised the degree to which social influence and persuasion underpin the phenomenon of the minority expression of dissent through disinformation and provided empirically supported evidence on how to combat disinformation. He holds an MSc in social science, and was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts in 2013. Hadley commissioned from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as a Professionally Qualified Officer.