Speaker BIO

Chris Riley is a former British Army Officer with 10 years in the service, including operational tours of duty in Northern Ireland and Bosnia and Herzegovina where he was Media Spokesman for the NATO-led Stabilisation Force. In 1998, he joined the Office of the High Representative, the body responsible for implementing the civilian aspects of the Dayton Peace Agreement. He was Spokesperson in OHR's southern region before becoming the Head of Media Development for OHR in Sarajevo. Here, he was responsible for implementing the international communities’ media development strategy to reform the broadcast media and provide a politically impartial media regulator.

In 2004, Chris joined The Asia Foundation in Kabul, where he designed and helped to establish a Media Commission for the 2004 Presidential Elections. Chris joined NATO HQ and led the Afghanistan Media Operations Centre from June 2006 until December 2012.

In December 2012, Chris took up a new post as Head of the Strategic Communications Team and Principal Editor in NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division. He coordinated NATO’s StratCom efforts and was responsible for web, social media and audio-visual content.

Since 2016, Chris has led the NATO HQ Strategic Communications Unit, providing StratCom advice to the divisional leadership, developing communications strategies, plans and campaigns. He represents PDD in the development of the NATO Information Environment Assessment capability, and synchronizes communications efforts between Allies and NATO’s civilian and military staffs.