Dr. Marie-Ève Carignan

Dr. Marie-Ève Carignan

Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Université de Sherbrooke and Head of Media Division, UNESCO Chair in Prevention of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism


Marie-Ève Carignan is an Associate Professor at the Department of Communication of the Université de Sherbrooke and Head of Media Division of the UNESCO Chair in Prevention of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism.

Her research focuses mainly on the impact of media in society, which leads her to focus on journalistic practices, ethics and professional conduct, misinformation, risk and crisis communication and media content analysis, including coverage of topics related to religion, terrorism and radicalization. She has contributed to several collective works and she published in national and international journals in communication, health, journalism and history, such as Corporate Communications: an International Journal (for which she received an Emerald Literati Awards), International Journal of Qualitative Methods, Les Cahiers du journalisme and Sur le journalisme. Professor Carignan has obtained numerous research grants and has extensive professional experience in communications with both small and large organisations, including the Québec Press Council, a private non-profit organisation dedicated for over 30 years to the protection of the freedom of the press and to the defence of the right of the public to quality reporting.

The Future of Democracy – New Understanding of Free Speech and Responsibility?

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In the digital age, the mobilisation of societal groups via digital platforms, the rise of domestic violent extremism and the spread of polarisation have changed the fabric of democracy. This sparks a question regarding how to preserve the democratic values and maintain a civil conversation while respecting differences in our societies. It remains to be […]