Ms. Sandra Kalniete

Ms. Sandra Kalniete

Member of European Parliament


Sandra Kalniete is a politician, member of European Parliament from Latvia since 2009, experienced diplomat, former Latvian foreign minister and European Commissioner, writer, and one of the leaders of the Latvian independence movement. In the European Parliament, Sandra Kalniete works in the Committees on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Subcommittee on Security and Defence, as well as the Special Committee for foreign interference in all democratic processes in the EU, including disinformation, where she serves as Rapporteur. She is also actively engaged with issues related to the Eastern Partnership region, including support for democratic processes in countries, including Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. In autumn of 2019, Sandra Kalniete was re-elected as the Vice-Chair of the Group of the European People’s Party – the largest parliamentary group in the European Parliament. According to the rating of the NGO “VoteWatch Europe”, Sandra Kalniete is listed among the 100 most influential MEPs.

Setting Standards and Rules for a Safer Digital Environment

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The determination and level of ambition among EU member countries on the need to regulate the on-line information environment are getting a clearer shape. In the meantime – Australia is one of the few countries that has attracted global attention with clear and practical steps towards regulating the digital space. What are the lessons learned […]