Mr. Łukasz Kulesa

Mr. Łukasz Kulesa

Deputy Head of Research Office, Polish Institute of International Affairs


Łukasz Kulesa is Deputy Head of Research at the Warsaw-based Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM). He supervises the Institute’s research on international security issues, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and the European Union. Between 2014 and 2019 Łukasz worked as Research Director at the European Leadership Network (ELN). From 2010 to 2012 he was Deputy Director of the Strategic Analyses Department at the National Security Bureau, a body providing support to the President of Poland in executing his prerogatives.

His personal research interests include nuclear and conventional deterrence and arms control, NATO, Russian security policy, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and security aspects of the transatlantic relationship. Łukasz authored or co-authored a number of analyses in Polish and English, including: Operationalizing the “Polish fangs”: Poland and long-range precision strike (The Nonproliferation Review, 2020), Dilemmas of Arms Control: Meeting the Interests of NATO’s North-Eastern Flank (2020), The Future of Deterrence: Effectiveness and Limitations of Conventional and Nuclear Postures (Carnegie, 2019); Towards a more stable NATO-Russia relationship (ELN, 2019); The Future of Conventional Arms Control in Europe (IISS Survival, 2018).

Deterrence of the 21st century – New Challenges vs Old Thinking

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Maintaining national security means influencing the decisions and approach of malign actors to discourage or restrain them from taking harmful actions. As Western countries grapple with the prospect of facing increasingly ambiguous threats that are often hard to detect, deterrence is back in the spotlight. From hack-and-leak operations to the use of chemical weapons, what […]