Mr. David Ryan Polgar

Mr. David Ryan Polgar

Tech Ethicist & Digital Citizenship Expert

David Ryan Polgar is the founder of All Tech Is Human and an advocate of the Responsible Tech movement. In March 2020, David became a founding member of TikTok’s Content Advisory Council (US), providing expertise around the delicate and difficult challenges facing social media platforms to expand expression while limiting harm.

David’s commentary around improving social media, tech ethics, what it means to be human in the digital age has been featured in CBS This Morning, TODAY show, BBC World News, Fast Company, SiriusXM, Associated Press, LA Times, USA Today, and many others. An international speaker with rare insight into the dynamics of building a better tech future, he has been on stage at Harvard Business School, Princeton University, The School of the New York Times, TechChill (Latvia), The Next Web (Netherlands), FutureNow (Slovakia), the Future Health Summit (Ireland), and more. As the founder and director of All Tech Is Human, David has spearheaded the release of three recent documents, including its flagship “Responsible Tech Guide” aimed at expanding pathways into the nascent field of Responsible Tech and building community. In February 2021, the organisation released its report, “Improving Social Media: The People, Organizations, and Ideas for a Better Tech Future,” which featured interviews with a diverse range of leaders across civil society, government, and industry. And in March 2021, the organisation released “The Business Case for AI Ethics: Moving From Theory to Action”.

Outside of All Tech Is Human and TikTok’s Content Advisory Council, David is an advisory board member for the Technology and Adolescent Mental Wellness (TAM) programme, an expert contributor for Built In, and an advisor and contributor for The connective tissue for all of his work is that it is aimed at bringing multiple stakeholders together to build a better tech future.

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The abundance of data can be the driver of innovation, as well as the reason for serious security and societal issues. For now – governments and international organizations seem to struggle with their approach to addressing emerging technologies. The first steps towards building a common understanding and ambition level still seem to be too vague […]