Mr Bob Posner

Mr Bob Posner

Director of Political Finance and Regulation & Legal Counsel, UK Electoral Commission

Great Britain

Bob Posner is the UK Electoral Commission Director of Political Finance and Regulation and its Legal Counsel.

Mr Posner manages the Commission’s regulation, policy, and legal functions. His work focuses on making sure the rules around UK political party finance are clear, and that legal action are taken should they be broken. He is responsible for decisions concerning the registration of political parties and campaigners. Mr Posner’s team also advises the government and legislatures on proposed changes to political finance rules.

He has extensive experience in elections, referendums, regulatory compliance work, and advising on public law. He has directly run (and been an official observer of) elections and referendums. Mr Posner has also been responsible for running local government services. He has a Master’s degree in business management and is joint editor of a leading legal text on UK election law.

Twisting by the Poll – How to Influence Elections

Main Stage

Democracy is the fundamental characteristic of Western nations, as well as a soft-power asset. As such, free and fair elections are a core part of the practice of democracy. However, recent cases have shown democratic nations to be vulnerable to hostile objectives. The principles of journalistic freedom and free speech can be exploited to undermine the very values […]


Electoral Engineering: Legal Challenges Posed by Technological Developments

Conference room B

This panel will look at implications of legislation on the potential use of robotic networks in support of electoral process. The discussion will center on issues concerning the visibility of political activities of networks supported by proxies. Can political activities online be submitted to the same rules currently applied to traditional media?